Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ok now for the pros and cons of selling online. If you have the right venue you could do very well. That means not having a lot of over head and fees that you have to pay. You can get free shipping boxes and packing supplies from your local stores. They are happy to have you take it off their hands. All you really need to buy is the tape to seal the boxes with. If you sell smaller items that would fit into an envelope then you would have to purchase those. Add the price into the cost of your item you are selling. You can also add half the shipping cost into the price of the item. Then when you state your shipping costs, put the other half of the cost.

Look at it this way. You have an item you want to sell. You set the price at 3.99 add another 3.00 to the price, then set your shipping at 3.00. Your buyer will love your shipping. You will have covered your cost of shipping when you added the 3.00 to your item price.

To sum it up. Buyers don't want to pay huge shipping prices. So cut the shipping in half, add half of the shipping cost into the price of your item. You will have a happy buyer.

You could have a yard sale, but then you would be tied to the sale while your items are out there. Or you could sell your items online and not have to sit there. Just check your items daily and go on about your business. When you make the sale, and receive your payment, go ship your item.

The cost of shipping has gone up, but if we absorb part of that cost into the item price everyone is happy with the transaction. Huge shipping fees will turn buyers away faster than a high priced item.

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